Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Tommie Douglas

Tommie Douglas was recognized by the City of Palm Springs with Tommie Douglas Day, for his efforts in developing gay softball and working with the City.  He threw out the opening pitch for Palm Springs Power’s first Pride Night.  He was the league’s Commissioner and NAGAAA Rep from (2005 - 2008).  Tommie was a player/coach for teams sponsored by Hunter’s and Tool Shed. 


Jim Hurst

Jim Hurst was recognized with the First Commissioner’s Award.  He was a consultant to the Commissioner (a non-elected position), and a NAGAAA Rep from (2005 - 2008).  Jim was a manager/score keeper for Hunters and Tool Shed.   Tommie and Jim moved to Palm Springs from Los AngelesThey developed policies and procedures for League organization; assisted in preparing the league’s operating budget; participated on the by-laws committee; lead recruiting efforts; worked with local bars, restaurants and businesses for league development; liaised with the city for game scheduling; prepared the application for joining NAGAAA, presented that application at NAGAAA and participated in 2 NAGAAA World Series.

John Borja


John was born and raised in Oakland, CA, and played sports in high school.  He started playing in gay softball leagues in 1994 and has played in many California gay leagues including: Fremont, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento.  He moved to Palm Springs in 2002 and started playing with PSGSL in 2005.  John played for Desert Night Hawks and Barracks, and was the assistant commissioner of the League in 2005 & 2006.


Steve Avila


Steve moved to the desert in 2001 from Northern California. Steve also played in the BLD leagues prior to our league’s inception.  Steve played for Barracks and this past year stepped in as coach/player for PS Heat.   Steve was the Treasurer of the PSGSL from 2005-2008.  Steve, Jim and Tommie flew to Ft. Lauderdale and made a presentation to the NAGAAA board that resulted in the admission of PSGSL to NAGAAA.  The next World Series was held in Ft. Lauderdale and Steve and company took the first PSGSL team to the series.


Dorlaine Stanley

Dorlaine Stanley, known to most people as DL.  DL has had a lifetime passion for the game of softball.  Prior to playing in our league, she played at BLD on a team called Desert Night Hawks.  The Night Hawks became one of four teams in the PSGSL’s 2005 inaugural year.  Desert Night Hawks traveled to 4 gay softball tournaments each year: San Diego, Long Beach, Phoenix and Palm Springs, and won all 4 tournaments over the years.  She also coached and played on Barracks 3.  DL became certified as an ASA umpire in order to support the growth of our league.  She is currently a USA umpire at local tournaments.  DL was the Secretary of our League from (2005 - 2008), the Commissioner from (2008 - 2010) and the Treasurer from (2010 - 2012).